My purpleheart fixed axle bruiser needs response! Looking for advice.

Looking for advice on what kind of response I should make for my not-yet-assembled purpleheart fixed axle yoyo. It is 58mm in diameter, will be around 38mm in width, and is already 71g without the axle! Crop circles like OUT? Two penny gap? I thought about doing something different like using a nail set to punch shallow holes around the axle.The axle will be walnut. Hopefully it will end up smooth when assembled but we’ll see.

Ideas? Picture below.

Sent it to me and have it recessed for silicone? haha

Nooo don’t ruin a classic wooden feel with modern chemical stuff… sigh kids these days ;D

Just an idea, if you have a drill press, maybe draw some dots with a marker in star shape, then drill each dot so that it’s technically a ‘starburst’.

I like the starburst idea. Last night I punched some “six shooter” holes in some test walnut halves which was actually quite similar to your idea. I might go with that but drilled instead of punched.

I want to make sure there’s enough response to avoid a massive thud on the throw, but not so much that I get whacked too easily with unexpected 71g returns.

When I made my homemade one I did very similar to what OUT does. It works pretty well. I do like the starburst idea though! :slight_smile:

Can you do some kind of indexing with your lathe? I mean can you chuck it up and mark off every 60 degrees? I have not done it myself but that sounds like the way to get the dimples dead nutz.

If you don’t do anything and just press fit it all together with a dowel and some glue, shouldn’t that be enough?

Not really, but it’s really not necessary to get it dead nuts. I don’t think OUT indexes his response holes.

So I did drill the holes but the yoyo is still too heavy and because it was so wide and heavy it vibes like crazy. I can’t say I wasn’t warned. I got lazy in making it slimmer because the purpleheart is so tough. Actually my chuck was destroyed by by first half and I had to remake it. I also remember having some issues with the chuck getting jarred out of place which could have contributed.

Here is a picture of the response before assembly.

Roger that. Those still look like some really cool halves.

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