Yoyo calluses!!

So I’ve been throwing for about 3 months now and have just recently (within the last month) gotten the time to start progressing to more advanced tricks (rewind, matrix, etc… not too advanced). The problem is that I am already developing a pretty nasty callus right in the crease of the knuckle closest to the tip of my loop finger and it has cracked right in the crease.

The question is… How bad can these calluses get and how long to they take to heal when they crack?

Just put some ointment and a bandaid on it, then just tie the yoyo strng on over the bandaid, or wear yoyo gloves. It shouldn’t take no more then a few days to start healing if done like I said, just like with any other kind of cut.

walk it off

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I think calluses are a good thing. I deliberately callus up my hands. It helps with various hobbies involving manual dexterity.

The skin will eventually become tougher and you won’t have that problem anymore.

Yeah if it rips, patch it up/stop throwing for the day
Usually if you use medical tape or a bandaid, you can still yoyo just fine. I do find that it feels kind of sketchy when you first throw it because you barely feel the string biting into your finger anymore and feels like it’s going to slip right off.

Callouses are good, though. You end up growing this thick ring around your middle finger and it feels weird rofl

You do?

I also have a ring like callus on my middle finger. Sadly, the callus on on my throwhand pointer has split a little. :c
Gonna band-aid it but I really don’t like the lost of feeling idk it weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

Calluses - nature’s gloves :slight_smile:

if a callus splits you can just super glue it or use liquid bandage which I’m fairly sure is just some combination of antiseptic and super glue

Never heard this before, but I’ve heard people in WW1 used superglue to close their wounds instead of stitches.