Im been yoyoing too much...

Ok so heres the situation-
I’ve been yo-yoing about 6 hours yesterday, and I found that my callous is cracking, what should I do???

Wear gloves.

good rule of thumb for just about anything especially a hobby if your having pain and there usually isn’t … take a break :wink:

I would if I have any

Just put down the yoyo, and back away s l o w l y …

Intervention time. Lol jk. Just take a break. Maybe try learning to throw with your opposite hand. xD

there ya go… learn to loop with the opposite hand…

It is so ironic because im a lefty :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, maybe put some tape over it? Maybe a band-aid? Just let it heal!

This has happened to me. Here’s what you do:

  1. When you go to sleep, put neosporin on the crack and put a band aid over the top. When you wake up in the morning, the crack will be substantially smaller than it was.
  2. For the next couple of days, when you throw, wear the tape of your choice over your callous.
  3. Repeat the neosporin band aid trick every night until your crack is healed.
  4. Once your crack is healed, stop wearing the tape, lest your callous disappear.

Hope that helps.

I just held the skin closed and put a drop of super glue on it. This works amazingly well, actually…

Wear a glove. Any snow glove cotton or nylon. Also it will stop happening the more you throw. I got that all the time. Now I never get it, except when doing boomerang or Offstring Boings.

I’ve tried yo-yoing with my right hand, but its so unnatural
Instead im going Severance and using my index finger

Be sure not to use it until it heals :).

I use this stuff called Lanolin. I take a Q-tip and I spread it on there and put a Band-aid on and leave it on 24-7. But, you should change it every few hours.

I’ve heard of people using superglue during contests if they have string burn. Not sure how well it works, or if its painful. I usually just use some athletic tape and that works just fine.