Yoyo CAD & Prototyping Adventures

I had one, it played fine, but then that was before total vibe purity was imposed.

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The protos were better. There were ones with speeder rims that actually played pretty well

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I am posting a big thank you to the forum, Patric Dressel and Eric Plantier for the help in the realization of my first throw the Org-1 it has been worth the wait. Thank you to all of you.
The Green throw is called an Org-1 a prototype I have worked on with Dressel Designs ( Patric Dressel ) for cad drawings and Eric Plantier ( fatguysnaks247, FSYB & FairTrade YoYos ) for production and dealing with manufacturers and shipping. Big thank you to them both willing ness to work for an average thrower and collector. Going to work with them both again would recommend them to anyone they are great.


I proto-typed these on a South Bend lathe in my garage in the early 90s.
Took me about a month to get it to CNC 1st production run.
I just did it fooling around at first. I had NO machine shop
experience, just made a few until they worked.
They are in 3 sizes, 5 colors and 3 styles.
Solid(for laser engraving), 4 hole, & 8 hole.
They weigh about the same as a Yomega’s old Raider.
(I used to work there.)
The roller bearing was a sealed aircraft grade bearing with an extending center race, requiring no caps or spacers.
I called them Joyos because my name is Joe, lol.
I just moved cross country and I haven’t found the rest of them to photograph yet, but will when I find them.