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So all the free cad programs are terrible. All the good ones are super expensive…

With a good machinist will I be able to take In a drawn 2d cross section (exact measurements of course), along with a precise drawing of a yoyo halve and get a good product?

The only thing that I’m worried about is displacing weight properly. Any thoughts?

autodesk gives a free student version of all their software I would assume those will work just fine for drawing up a bueprint

… Not a student.,58013.0.html


I was hoping you’d pop up.

You don’t need to actually be a student to download just a free version with a 30 day full free trial. the only thing different with the “student” version is that it says that across the bottom of a sheet when it is printed out.

So the student version is really just a free 30 day trial?

The real point to this was; I was making sure I could get a proper yoyo machined with just a paper 2d cross sketch and a drawing of a half.

It depends on the shop. Bringing in a drawing would require the shop to transfer it to a CAD drawing and convert to a digital model if they were to do a CNC model. If they work purely from the drawing it would require extensive hand machining. Probably expensive in either case, but really the only way to find out is to contact a shop.

Thanks jhb, from trolling past threads, I know you know stuff about this.

I have a meeting with my shop on Tuesday, in which I’m bringing my cross sketch, a yoyo and some digital calipers.

For now I have a 30 day trial of Alibre I’ll be speed working in to try and beat the time constraint… But after that… I really wouldn’t mind hiring a cad person to put my models in 3d.
(It’s cheaper than buying a thousand dollar program)

Pm if interested anybody.

[s]Now seeking cad master to make 3d model and export for CNC. Have DETAILED 2d cross sketch (hand drawn)

Pm me!

Hiring for more than one yoyo… If work is good, I’ll put you on for more than one project!![/s]

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