How to design yoyos

Herro I am trying to design yoyos for my yoyo company I am working on by using autodesk 123d design and I do not know how to make a yoyo on it. can any of you make a tutorial to help me?

No offense if you aren’t, but you sound like a kid, so I would wait until school and get a school email address so you can download the AutoCAD Student Edition for free

Make a cross section and rotate it. This is the simplest way. Try to give it at least 1mm thickness anywhere you build it and give it some nice rim weight. Try to keep weight between 60-70G, width 40-50mm, and diameter 50-60mm. Should be able to find the bearing dimensions online and the pads are 19mm.

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Yes, I am a kid

If you don’t even know how to use 123d design, how are you going to machine a working yoyo? What material will you use?

Keep in mind that you need some experience with the program. The computer isn’t smart enough to do it for you.

Unless your smart enough to make a computer do it for you.

Lol I almost thought this is actually yyfben posting a sarcastic thread.
Basically you’ll have to learn about machining at least the basics of it, how lathes work, what is CAD and how to use CAD programs, you also need to understand at least the basic physics like how the yoyo will behave you put certain weight in certain places, etc. And then maybe, you can find a local machinist and make something playable.

At the very basic, this is how people (and how I personally did) make yoyo prototypes:

  1. Draw a design. For this you’ll need to understand how to use CAD, and the physics involved in a yoyo, also what material will you use (6061, 7075, or what kind of wood, etc), otherwise you “can” do it blindly (with little understanding) and hand draw the design, then let the machinist do everything else from there, but there will be a lot of issues and inaccuracies especially if the machinist never work with a yoyo.
  2. The cad drawing then translated by the machinist to shape the yoyo, calculate weight, etc. The design can then be manually shaped by the machinist, or automated with the help of computers (cnc).
  3. Assemble and see if there is issues like vibe, if the weight is correct, etc.

Oh also normally it’s you being able to make yoyos first and THEN think about making a yoyo company, not the other way around.

Garbage in, garbage out… :wink:

I think what’s happening is that you are severely underestimating how much work it is. Which is ok, you simply did not know. I 3d model for video games, while although quite different than CAD, definitely does have some similarities, and oh boy let me tell yah does it take minimun a few months to get some skill down. From what I can do, I’ve been modeling for some time and I don’t have the slightest clue how somebody would make a yoyo. Maybe theres some CAD techniques that are different, I don’t know. You CAN though however, most certainly learn. Anybody can! ;D Don’t let this discourage you, let it inspire you. Prove me wrong :D. Good luck matey. Im sure youtube has some CAD tutorials that’ll most certainly help.

Edit: And if you need help with anything computer related, I’d be more than happy to help you :smiley: