Yoyo design


Can anyone tell me whats required to create a design for a yoyo, not about machinery but the design needed to create one


You can’t separate the two. You need to understand how the machines work in order to be able to design correctly. You could always try designing without this knowledge, but then you will have no idea if what you drew can actually be built.


Ya, so is solidworks the best to use?


Depends on what Yoyo you want and got to know physics a lot of it like wing shape wise so you can find the perfect shape if I were talk to a science teacher and get there input


Honestly, any CAD program would do the trick in my opinion. I’m currently using Cubify Invent, which is a CAD program produced by a company that also makes 3D printers.

As da5id mentioned, knowing how the machine works is kind of important. If you don’t, your design will never make it off the screen. I like starting simple and expanding, each time saving it as a different file. That way, if you’re producing the yoyo on your own, you’ll have a variety of designs to work off of.

I know some CAD programs provide moments of inertia and center of mass, as well as the mass if you select the material you plan to build it out of as well.

Just have fun with it! ;D


We use solidworks

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I used cadstd (the lite version is freeware and it’s really easy to use), I have a yoyo actually made and it plays well.