Free yoyo designing program?

What programs can I use to design a yoyo to the specs I want(and weight) besides google sketch up?
Google sketchup doesn’t work well for me.
And I can’t figure out how to do the response area and the bearing seat!

Hope I helped


hmm, this works! Thanks!
i just wish it had specs

emachine is supposed to be pretty great, though it is only for windows so I don’t know from experience

You can get student versions of most of the Autocad software. It’s free, but you can’t use it for commercial use. Still, though, it’s better than any other free program you’re gonna get.

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How? I like AutoCAD but don’t want to pay full price for it.

I have autocad. Idk know how to use it tho… :stuck_out_tongue: help would be greatly appreciated.

Any other softwares?

Not to be a jerk or anything…but you have a company but no CAD software? Just seems difficult to make yoyos without it…

How? did you pay for the full version?

I like potatos

I have the student one. I like me.

yeah, we are designing by hand and need to find a software
to use after the drawings are done

about autocad, it is quite annoying compared to other software I’ve tried. not very easy to use

that’s right. i’m a robot

amazing tutorials on how to use autocad learned off this for my PLTW engineering courses

to get a basic theres a video but to get more intense things its $30 a month but you won’t need technical things off there

Hmm then what would you recommend?

Rhino3d. Works great and there is a free trial. You can export in any format you will need and its pretty simple to use when you get the hang of it. If you need more help, pm me. I can also CAD a rough sketch if you want to get the idea of what it’d look like.

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like I said, emachine is supposed to be good