Good 3d Softwares for Yoyos

I am looking to design a yoyo and I am trying to find a good 3d software for doing so that is free. I know I am not going to find too much or anything of good quality, but what is there that I can at least take a look at.

What kind of Materials are you going to be using in your Build?

I use Emachineshop, it allows you to select materials such as 6061, 7075, stainless steel, polycarbonate, Acetal, titanium and more. It’s free, definetly not the best cad software out there but it’s the best free one I’ve tried for making yoyos.


Most of Autodesk’s professional programs like Inventor and AutoCAD can be downloaded for free as student editions from their website.
The catch is that you can’t use it for commerical or for-profit purposes (like selling yo-yos that you designed using their software), but I guess it’s good to familiarize yourself with industry standards.

Why can you not sell yoyos off of their system and how do they know?

You can and they wouldn’t but then you are doing something unethical. I really don’t think there’s much harm in a few builds but once you have some measured success then buying a full professional license is in order.

most educational versions don’t allow you to save out files, you can use them to learn how they work, but can’t save it into usable formats.