What programs?

(Chase Baxter) #1

What programs can I use to design a yoyo for free? and whats a good free video editter software


I really don’t know what program you use to design a yoyo, but why not use Windows Movie Maker for editing video?

(M²) #3

i don’t think there are any free ones

(Chase Baxter) #4

oh :frowning:

(BB) #5

windows movie maker is free and it has lots of video editing stuff


Alibre design has a free trial and really cheap student versions for sale. Its what I use for String Theory.


I am downloading that program, I hope its easy to use.


Google sketchup might work for design

and as stated above windows movie maker is a good video editing program


Blender 3D is a free 3D animation and graphics suite. It will certainly give you the ability to design something mechanical like a yoyo. The learning curve is really soft and blender files are convertable to many high end machining programs! ;D


I think virtual dub is open source.