Hey guys,
What software do some of you use to design yoyos?
I was just wondering cause I have this awesome design in my head.


For professional use, something like autocad would be what you would want. However, if you just want to put a design down you could probably just use blender.

Blender is also about the only thing that won’t cost you something. (think in the hundreds)

Thanks, But how do you use it for designing yoyos?

Rhinocad. They offer a free trial which is fully functional but only gives you 25 saves. I design with it then render and save the 3d image. Its a full out cad program though so there is a giant learning curve. You also need a good machine for it to run properly. The save files are cnc ready though zip drive into the machine, load some alum. and hit enter. A little while later you have a yoyo.

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