New yoyo

Im working on a yoyo Its only in the CAD stages at the moment but I hope to have it made by April for the SoCal DXL comp.

Explore Me You

Explore Me You

It’s looks nice. ;D

And I might be able to go the the DXL competition.

Sweet! looks like a g5+milk

Ok, where did you make that scetch?

It’s not really a sketch, it’s a CAD design. You need a CAD program to do it. But I was wondering the same thing (sort of). What program are you using?

looks like rhino to me

AutoCAD 09

well that explains it
i only have rhino and AutoCAD 08 light

yeah I went from 07 to 09 it was pretty much like :o

haha nice, i will have to get that eventually haha

can u send me one for free ;D

haha I don’t even know at this point if I’ll be able to afford to keep one haha

looks cool.

maybe you should try to go with a different design because it just looks like another G5 just try making better yoyo i see that your trying and thats great but go with a different design plz i wouldnt wanna buy a yoyo that looks like another one just letting u know

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Ahh I know it has a g5 - esque shape but there’s something you have to understand with designing a yoyo a Lathe is only capable of so much and there are only so many things you can do with a circle…so things will look similar. My design is actually very different from a g5 different diameter, width, weight and so on. The only real similarity is the fact it has an H-profile.

I really don’t see any hard lines or edges which a G5 is known for. When I was plotting this design out my soul purpose was to make an organic looking shape something with flowing lines. So telling me that I need to design something better for YOU is actually kinda of insulting…If I make this yoyo I would love everybody to buy one but I can’t please everybody it would seem that the rest of this thread enjoy the design. When I started planning to make a yoyo I desided that I need to make a yoyo that I want and hope other enjoy what I can pull out of my imagination.

But! no worries, This drawing is one of a few. I was trying to hype it up a bit to keep me on track lol.