watch it come to life

So my buddy works in a machine shop and recently told me he could try making me a yoyo if i brought him a design with all the specs. If anyone has a design they dont mind sharing let me know and we will bring it to life. Ive always wanted to watch a throw being made and i know im not the only one so heres our chance!



Wanna try mine? hit me up in PM I can send you the cad.

what is that yoyo it looks insane.

“Insanity is the freedom to do whatever you feel like doing…”

Anyways, it was my to-be-made-but-I-haven’t-had-the-chance-to-do-that-just-yet yoyo.

I have a few ideas for making a design. Please check out my recent post on,81033.msg911049.html#msg911049 the topic:)

I have always dream of a Yoyo with a V shape with rounded edges like how the torrent 2s are then with the the cup of the Yoyo like the horizons, then the Yoyo would either be mid sized or full sized. And the width would be about A little bit wider then normal just TI fit all my favorite things in one thing.