3D printed yoyo design

I have been looking for a well designed 3D printable yoyo for quite awhile, though none never came up. I decided to make my own and this is the second iteration. Im hoping that some good advice and suggestions will be said and im looking forward to making this design even better!

The plastic is ABS, I plan on milling steel rings to press into the rims in order to get a higher amount of rim weight. The ring is easier tosee in the cross section, the section on the outer edge that looks different would be the ring, you can also see the ring when the outside is facing the screen shot

Diameter: 2.26 in.
Width: 1.8
Weight: 64.78 grams
Bearing size : C

This design would utilize the Onedrop side effects in order to have highly stable mounting, The hybrid design of metal and plastic should truly step up the quality of the yoyo by using better weight distribution.

Attached are renderings of one of the halfs, aswell as a cross section

side effects do NOT work well on plastic

Yeah, even One Drop went with a different axle system on the Rally. The Side Effects will only cause you frustration with plastic. Just go with a nut/bolt system or something similar.

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Alright that seems reasonable, any specific reasons as to why you say that? If i were to do a nut and bolt, is there any bearing seats you know of that i could use instead of plastic?

You could use spacers. Like the ones used by yyf in their protostar.

thats patented i"m pretty sure. He would not be able to sell them.

Unless you plan on selling them, it doesn’t matter.

It also just dawned on me that the CAD design you have there doesn’t have a bearing seat for the inner race of the bearing to sit. You should try the nut and bolt design with a 1/4 inch diameter set screw and two bolts. It is like a side effect in a sense that whats connecting the two halves also acts as part of the bearing seat.

Heres a list of throws that used the 1/4 inch set screw axle system:
Anti-yo Bapezilla(original)
Anti-Yo Eetsit
Anti-Yo Fluchs
Anti-Yo Business
DBYY Gung-Fu
Some older Difeyo’s

All you would need is a 1/4 inch set screw and 2 corresponding nuts. The only design change you’ll need to make is the part on the face where the side effects conect to the body.

This way you won’t need to buy spacers…

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Difeyo switched to a #10 set screw. They seem adequate.

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Awesome this seems like it could work, the design change wouldnt be difficult, and this seems like it would be much cheaper and sustainable that side effects,thanks for the suggestion, i still need to take some more measurements to assure the right size gap for response pads, once i get one fully together i plan on changing the shape more, and tuning it to a better play style, until i have it together though, i have no idea how well it will play

spacers are not patented… they’ve been used for 20+ years in various forms.