Yoyo CAD & Prototyping Adventures

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In Fusion360 I am using the default soft lighting environment. My cups are relatively shallow in most cases, but I rotate it around until the lighting looks good before rendering it out.

Also, use one of the rougher aluminum appearances - the polished ones reflect the light away from the camera. You can customize them if you need to!

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I finally put in my order with FPM today. Forgot to include shipping + paypal fees to my earlier estimates, so my actual cost for a small run of 10 yoyos is ~$610, not $550. I went with the simpler engraving, and I think I’ll be seeing them in my mail in about 2 weeks. Can’t wait to see how they look/play!


Definitely post pics when you get them!


Looking for the exact details of the breaking system, axel and bearing of any clyw yoyo

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They use standard M4x whatever mm axles and C-sized bearings. The response pad has a different size - they have an OD of 21mm. I’ll try to measure the rest of the pad tonight for you.

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Measured the CLYW compass + a loose Buddah Pad (CLWY Snow tire size) for these measurements.

ID: ~14.23mm
OD: ~20.80mm
Thickness: ~2.09mm (this is hard to measure!)


Thanks. I remember I tried to measure how deep it is with a mechanical pencil. It was around 2mm too


Wait, 10 yoyos? I thought it cost 500$ base for 5 yoyos? How’d you get that deal?

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I asked someone at FPM directly. They quoted me $400 + S/H for 5 and $550 + S/H for 10. Monometals only.


Could you please give me their contact info? I got quoted 560 for a run of 5 without shipping or anything…

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sylvia at fp-manufacture.cn
She works for https://www.facebook.com/Fenghuida.cn/ (FPM/Yoyofriends)


oh, that’s why I got quoted a lot more. I thought that mythrow was the same place and same thing as yoyofriends factory.

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Mythrow is essentially a US contact for FPM. I think they do more work for you (eg. you can send them a paper sketch and requirements instead of a CAD file) but there’s more cost overhead as well. It’s still a good option for folks who don’t want to spend a lot of time learning solidworks or fusion360, or all the various aspects of yo-yo design.


that first link of yours doesn’t work. can you fix it when you have time?


and also, whats the difference between ordering from mythrow and ordering directly from fenghuida? cuz mythrow included anodizing, bead blasting, bearings, axles, and pads in their quoted costs. and will fenghuida give you advice on your design and help you out with the seat for free, will any help be an added cost, or do they just not do it for you? they dont really have a yoyo webpage, so you’re kinda all i got for getting this info :joy:

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It’s an email address, sorry. Change at to @, just didn’t want to have her work email get found by spam bots.

FPM will include a finish plus any anodization, any type of aluminum, pads, bearings, axles, and they can fix your seat for you too.

If you want general advice on your design you can share it here


so basically if you know how to use CAD there is no reason to use mythrow over FPM?

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Yeah, pretty much.


kk, thanks for the help! probably gonna get a prototype run of 7 for the design i posted earlier, will post final cost and what settings i chose for the run, as well as whatever else fits this thread’s theme.

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In-progress photos from the machine shop: