Yoyo Brutality

How bout a thread showing your yoyo fighting back from all those time you slammed it into the ground.
Il go first. This happened today at school throwing my Bear v. Man… Needless to say the bear won that round.

Bear: 1 Man: 0

I have a super B.A. scar above my lip from eating a T5. It was really narrow but super deep. Healed perfectly for that amazing look. I love it to death.

Picture/lighting isn’t the best, phone doesn’t take good quality pictures from the front camera

Nice one. Very hardcore my friend.

I think i need to stop throwing CLYW. I JUST WHACKED MY EYE AGAIN! This time with a Chief and this time I sliced my eyelid. A year of injury free throwing and now I get whacked twice in a week in the same spot.

old man voice Take it easy kid… You’ll shoot your eye out

My dietz caught as i threw it. I don’t know how. I took about 62 grams of dietz to the forehead, right above the eyebrow. I lost vision for a few seconds in my left eye. LOL