I was trying to learn a new trick today and the yo-yo flew up and hit me in the nose, laving a huge gash. It’s the ugly and painful side of yo-yoing that I have never experienced. And, Ow. It hurts a lot.

:wink: i know! i just got a green bruise from my huyabusa!

Black eye with my trident.

I laugh at you guys! (I’ve narrowly avoided so many yoyo castastrophes by the slimist of margins. Should’ve, could’ve been me so many times.) Maybe there is a market for yoyo helmets, face protectors and body armor. :wink: Hmmm… maybe you guys should play more dodge ball ;D .

Yeah I know, ribbing you guys is pretty much tempting fate! My turn is still yet to come. shhhmack!

When I was relatively new to unresponsive, I threw a breakaway after a shoddy bind and ended up taking my Grind Machine full on right below my lower lip. At first I thought I had put a tooth clean through the skin, but i had just gashed the inside and outside of the space between my chin and mouth. Still got a scar, and it took a bit to heal up. Never felt the same way about that Grind Machine again.

Before my callus was strong, I cut around my finger with the string (yes, it’s possible)

And I bruised the bone of my big toe when my string broke ob a strong throw and hit it.


5 stitches on the bridge of my nose.

EDIT: Oh, and a gnarly gash on my forehead that needed to be glued shut.

Definitely have had a bloody lip and a couple hard smacks on the head from yoyos… But they didnt affect me to badly… ::slight_smile:

Indeed. I took a Sasquatch to the bridge of my nose 2 days before prom earlier this year…needless to say I had a small bruise on my face for prom.

Luckily it swelled down fairly quick in 2 days and wasn’t as bad as I could have been, praise the lord for ice!

Well with a YYE forum name like Proboscis you were kind of putting your nose out there as a target wouldn’t you say. That Sasquatch had a mission to fulfill. Just feel fortunate you didn’t go with something like Iris for a handle…could have been much worse.

I hit the side of my knee with my new Yuuksta, and the first thing I did was check for dings. :slight_smile:

Got smacked in the side of the nose. Small cut, no big worries.

Right now dealing with 2 cuts on my right hand middle finger I think caused my the string, but definitely seem yoyo related. Thank goodness for the tape that YYE sells, helps keep the sting off that area and preventing me from opening those back up. Bad timing, as I’ve been starting to throw more. Oh well. Gotta push through!

matching scars right above both my eyes. one healed on its own, the other needed 3 stitches. I’ve also gotten the occasional bruise, bad string burn, hit to the side of the knee (which hurts so incredibly bad)
yoyoing is dangerous stuff and shouldn’t be done without wearing full motorcycle gear.

Now this fella is my kind of thrower! He clearly has his priorities collated in the correct order.

Caught myself in the chin one day trying to do mach 5 super fast. Also had a bruise under my eye for like 2 weeks because of a Raptor that had a bad throw. Man that thing is sharp.

I’ve heard some horror stories about the Noctu though.

I had a Noctu…cuts all over my hand and arm



Whenever you bind pretty much it hurts, depending on how you catch it. And I was stupidly practicing some difficult arm tricks

Sasquatch cracked my glasses. I was definitely more worried about the Sasquatch.

Brings back scary thoughts. Threw my Burnside after a bad bind and had it come right up and hit the the left edge of my glasses. Probably would have had a gash, or at the very least a black eye. Most terrifying throw ever. Besides a little sting from my glasses jamming into my nose, everything was suprisingly ok. No dings or scratches on the OD, and my cheap glasses survived too. I’ve never been so glad that I’m blind :]