Broken Nose?

I know everyone has busted a knuckle or smoked a finger tip while throwing, I have multiple times. Yesterday I throw a breakaway to start a trick, the string had a snag and caught…swung up and busted me directly in the nose. Swearing and cussing commenced for the next few minutes. Now as i sit here with my nose sore, I am curious.
What’s the worse injury you have had from a yoyo?

Same thing happened to me about 2 weeks ago, but hit me right above the right eyebrow. Had an inch long gash, that actually looked pretty cool.

I’ve whacked myself in the face a couple of times. 1 time my yoyo cut my hand and I started bleeding. I learned to check my yoyo for any scratches before I try grinding because the scratches will scrape your skin off!

Be careful with a noctu… I’ve cut myself on one.

I took a full on responsive snap from a DNS right between the legs.

Random black eyes and bruises…


5 stitches on the bridge of my nose.

I win?

Holy crap!
Unless someone chimes in that they lost a limb or an eye or something… then yes. you win.

I do miss my left leg.

Ah well.

My friend bruised his funny bone yesterday…

Worst is the nut busters. My Genesis, and only my Genesis, likes to beat up my gonads. A least once a week. And the tip of my middle finger still hurts from a fast bind a few days ago, I hate that feeling you get kinda like a bruse.

I guess i’m lucky because gotten is a bloody nose.

I’m still using a plastic yo-yo, mainly because I threw a Zombie a while ago, when I was first learning, trying to figure out how to get a strong throw. I was throwing the strongest throw IU could, and I literally smashed my right nut up INTO my stomach, fucking hurt for days, hope I can still have kids.

Oh, I just got nutted!!!

Say that every time im nutted

I’ve broken my nose with a Mosquito, broke my nose with a Dark Magic, the next day, I hit my eye with my DM and got 12 stitches on my eyebrow. Then 2 weeks ago, I busted my lip open with my Chaotic…

i busted my lip striaght open beat that

I think you need to invest in a knight helmet!