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I feel like there are so many awesome yoyo brands and companies out there that make really good and high quality products, but only a few are mentioned a lot. All i hear on the forums is clyw and one drop, i know all throws from both companies because of how much they are mentioned. I hear about another company here and there, but most brands aren’t getting attention. Two of them are turning point and string theory. String theory has two throws that look really good, and turning point has a yoyo that won the world yoyo contest, and has other throws of the same quality, I think people should take a look at the other companies out there. :slight_smile:

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Thank you about saying Turning point! My grandparents came back 2 weeks ago with a turning point paranoid from Prague for me. it’s probably my favorite Yoyo of my collection as of now. But the only reason I see why people don’t talk about them is that they are REALLY expensive and most of the time out of a persons budget or spending region.

Check out General-Yos I think you would enjoy them. Heck! Who doesn’t? So much time is put into making each yoyo. If you buy a General-Yo you are really paying for quality stuff! Also VsNYYC! I know I know what happened with them and everything is sad because they were great yoyos, but don’t take it out on the company. The Skywalker is an amazing yoyo I love it! There are also other companies that are great! Just some companies get more attention and hype than others. That’s all.

There’s an entire thread dedicated to YoyoRecreation and it’s probably one of the msot active threads on the forum. But, like Turning Point, also don’t get mentioned quite as much because they do tend to be on the expensive side as well.


I would say there are more than a few names of companies mentioned frequently on the forum, but I agree that some are mentioned far more than others. But, this forum is not the entirety of the world of yo-yo anyway. It is actually a small fraction of the buying public. So, just because the names don’t get as much attention here, doesn’t mean they are not getting more attention elsewhere (international forums). Some popularity is regional. Also, some companies don’t want or need more attention. Some companies are small, and they want to remain small. A company satisfied with sales as they are, might not push for more attention.

But, as a shopper, I probably could broaden my horizons more. :slight_smile:

C3 is another company I favorite.

I think it’s just like If people like it, then they would talk more about it, praise it, etc.

yes but price eventually falls into that.

True, cheaper quality throw means more people can buy it, and more people buy it and they find that they enjoy it, the more it will become famous.

Explain CLYW? Price does hinder there sales. (I’m not saying that I’m mad at their prices. Just making a point.) People say price equals performance and high quality. I’m sure Turning point makes great performing high quality products. TP’s prices are similar to CLYW or any other high end brand for that matter.

I think that lack of fanbase/hype probably deals less with price and more with the over abundance of manufactures out there. And the easy access we have. It’s good and bad. So many great choices, but so many get over looked.

I think despite the similar prices, CLYW does get a lot more representation on the competition scene than Turning Point do, especially in the West and that definitely adds to their profile. Conversely, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a CLYW throw at a Jap yoyo contest where almost everyone is throwing either TP or YYR.

Price definitely comes into play, but it’s just one of the many factors influencing brand popularity.


You’d be surprised how many Japanese players love CLYW and onedrop, even if they don’t compete with it.

It’s the reciprocal here, where North American companies are more wide spread so we see more of it, while Japanese throws are harder to come by. The opposite applies for Japan.

And probably better to avoid shortening Japanese in speech.