yoyo bouncing off

I’m trying to learn the man of the flying trapeeze, i can get the yoyo on the string but the problem is it bounces off immediately after it lands, what am i doing wrong? thanks

(im using just a basic 10$ “ball bearing” metal Chinese yoyo)

I would guess you re trying to force it a bit too hard :stuck_out_tongue: Try to just let the yoyo swing in the right direction and intercept the string with your finger so the yoyo naturally swings over your finger and on to the string. You dont want to hop or toss the yoyo up and catch it on the string, its much more of a swing than a hop. If you then still have problems try to move your hands a little bit together when it hits to give it some slack, that could reduce the bounce.
Mostly its just practice so you ll get it soon! :slight_smile: good luck!

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You need to leave a little slack in the string you land on. Tautness is what causes it to bounce off.

They’ve basically covered it. You can throw the breakaway as hard and as quickly as you like, but once it hits your finger, let the yoyo rotate itself around and onto the string. From there, you can cushion like they describe, just bring your hands together slightly. I had a beast of a time learning this trick, but once you get the movements down, you’ll wonder how you ever missed