I need help on this trick.

My problem is i can’t make the yo-yo bounce no matter what i do.

First I tried putting tension.

The I tried bouncing my finger.

Any Advice?

Its a hard trick that even some pros can’t do.

I suggest that you make a large up-and-down motion with your finger. It will make the yoyo bounce better, and make sure you keep the motion smooth.

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remember once youre in the mount to move your yoyohand up and down, up and down, up and down, just remember that

Just like all of them said, keep the strings streight, keep your hands streight, when you bounce the yoyo make a larger bouncing motion, and last make sure when you bounce your bouncing hand doesn’t move to the side.

i can barely bounce it, but when i try to bounce it harder it comes out of the two strings. i guess that is from my hands not staying straight up and down???

Yeah, also, when you go in the mount, make sure you hold the strings tight in there.

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when i started doing it it helped alot to start the motion of swinging then do the up down seemed to help me alot and try pinching the bottom of it rather than a finger to make it tighter so that it won’t bounce out

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Step 10-12 explain how the boinging works. When you pull upwards, it pulls towards the centre. When you pull downwards, it goes anywhere it wants. Just practice, its quite hard.

Ya, I had the same problem. It took me a long time to get it going - way more than 3 days. I think I worked on it about 2 weeks before it started working. I also found I couldn’t do it with my Speeder. The Speeder kept twisting and popping out after the first or second bounce. The Legacy made it work for me…

Same here with this trick. The bouncing is tough to get and I only manage to get it right like 10% of the time. As what every one else said, keeping the strings tight is essential with this trick and I think the hardest part is keeping the yoyo straight the whole time. Sometimes, going into this trick from Atomic Bomb helps get the bounce started for me. Just a thought.

i always use conter whights and cant do it :-[

then take it off ???