Any tips for Boing E Boing

ive been working on it for i think a week now and i just cant get it, the yoyo instead of going back and forth between the strings it just falls out of the string any tips? did any of you have this problem?

Well you can try going into it like a barrel roll to get more momentum

dont try and boing very far at 1st start boinging realy small then get bigger and bigger

i tried to learn it about 9 months ago, cuz it looks easy and cool, but it is hard to get the motion perfect.
i still have not perfected it, but i don’t practice it very often. just go slow at first and really make sure you hit the strings. eventually muscle memory will kick in and you can go faster

You can actually pinch the loop where your finger goes up and down, it may help. if you pinch while the yoyo is high up, then it may help.

Yep… this one takes a little practice and for me it results in something that i like to call the snap (for me the snap is that feeling that you finally notice that you can do it with no worries and can’t understand why you couldn’t do it before :slight_smile: ). It’ll come to you.

One video that might help is this one:

On the other hand, other thin that I notice that helped me was to just doing the trick without having the mount done, like:

  1. do a front throw
  2. grab at half of the string with the left-hand
  3. put your index-throw finger in what’s left of the string
  4. just try to do the motion until it goes front and back like in the trick
    Afterwards this you only need to put it in the mount. By the way, I saw this on a video but can’t seem to find it now.

Oh, and don’t force this trick into you, it needs practice but the more you force it to learn it the more frustrating it’ll get… Just go ahead and try to learn some other tricks and then get back to this one once a day… just for fun of it. That’s what worked for me, I was completely blocked on the Advanced part 1 of the tutorials because of this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you get it… After you get it it’s going to be soooooooooooo easy :wink:

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it took me a LONG time to get, but what i did is i did an atomic bomb so that the string is shorter and it is easier to control. Than i moved my non throwhand slowly in a motion that goes up and down.

what you can practice is just the motion itself and once you get the motion try the whole trick ;D you just have to be patient :wink: