need help with boing e boing

i could do the mount and stuff fine but when i bounce the yoyo it just sslides dow and hits my bottom finger or pops off the string.please help cause i cant do it

and yes i know there are alot tof topics on this but none of them really helped with this specific problem

When you do the mount make sure it is fairly high and when you get to the bounce stage make sure the string is lying on your joint kinda pinching it with your first finger joint then bounce up and down… the most stressed thing in the whole trick.when it slips out put it back in without re-throwing if you have enough spin but you’ll still need to practice this trick. it helps me if I use the momentum from the mount to help it bounce

 Ok this trick is one that some people don't get until they've been yo-yoing for quite a while.  Don't get discouraged.

 I found that it helps tremendously to do barrel rolls before each boing.  This really helps get the momentum going.  Don't pinch any strings.  If you do it gives the boing e boing a jolty and bumpy look.

Hey there, I recorded a tutorial about boingy boingy a while back, maybe it’ll help?


I’ll say this before the guy with a bunch of links will come.

When you have a problem with a trick, you should just use the search button to find similar posts
And for tricks like boingy-boing which comes up a lot. There is enough topics to support you I think.

To be helpful I’ll just say try many things. I first didn’t get it at all and I tried many things, and at some point I was able to go it. I feel like this trick has so many way to accomplish it so good luck ! ;D

thanks for the tutorial vid it really helped me alot

Their should be an official tutorial on thhis.
So many threads like this >:[

a thing that helped me for controll of the yoyo is before the boing do 1 barrel roll (atomic bomb roll) first then do the boing

This trick had me frustrated for a year, then 1 day I just…got it some how. My brother who was just getting into yoyoing picked up on it rather quick, as in almost right after watching Andre’s video.

What helped me was going side style by doing trapeze, then take the loop around my non throw hand and widening it to form the triangle. From there, I kind of flung the yoyo into it. In the end, it is really about timing but the first initial boing is key. Once you fling it forward, be prepared to lower you hand so it can go into the strings in front and get ready to give it a boing back…rinse and repeat.

Now, I can do this trick with my eyes closed, I can just feel it.

just recorded a tutorial of my own, trying to break down some of the movements.

focusing on side style boing and introducing over/under stuff (because in my opinion, it works exactly the same)

It might not seen like this works, but it just takes LOTS and LOTS I mean LOTS of practice. I thought it wouldn’t work but hey. It WORKED. By LOTS of practice I mean like every day 10-20 minutes until u get it :wink:

For reference, I started yo-yoing sometime during May during AP testing, which is like almost 8 months ago. I was breezing through tricks, until I hit boing-e-boing which is like late May. I started to get the hang of getting a few boings three weeks ago. Now, I can “do” the boing-e-boing.

So you can say that it took me around 7 months to get down the boing-e-boing.

So it’s okay; this trick takes a lot of practice. Even if you can’t do it fast after a month, keep on trying. Even after two months. Or three months. Or heck, even four, five, six, seven, eight months. Just keep on trying. Another option is to just move on to other tricks like me, and then occasionally try to attempt the boing-e-boing. Sooner or later, you can do it.

I know some people who took 2 years to get it, took me a little less than a year myself, a friend got it in 5 months and he’s talented

You just have to yoyo for a while longer. Go try different tricks. Months later come back to boingy boing and it’ll seem a whole lot easier. The idea is that you’ll gain more control over the yoyo with more experience. :wink: