Yoyo Belts

I love the learning videos that rank by skill up to master. Recently while watching Kung Fu Panda I realized that there are both Kung Fu Masters as well as Yoyo Masters. I hear by propose that yoyo moves to the Kung Fu belt system. This way when posting questions or reviews on yoyos the author can include what belt they are. Obviously there would need to be alterations to the learning portion of this site and list of tricks to distinguish what belt you are. Uniforms and Yoyos…Sweet.

What would the colors be? How many would there be? When you make it black will there be a DON system?
I’m not undermining this, it actually seems pretty helpful, but we need more information.

This would need to be discussed by the whole community, but I’m thinking we just steal the American karate things. We can have bands on them too. World Champions get to wear special ones. The yoyoer gets to have their name embroidered on it and who has taught them the most or sponsors. Cool emblems like dragons are OK too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karate_belts

I don’t think this would be a good idea. It seems like it would make yo-yoing more about rank than having fun.

I tried this with my middle school students. I used colored strings in place of a colored belt, but it worked the same way as martial arts. After reaching certain skill levels, you would receive the next colored string.

As it is with a lot of things, there were mixed results. It worked as good motivation for some kids. Others didn’t like following a pre-designed track, and a select few were only in it for the next string. But it gave the novice kids a place to start too.

Here’s a link to the chart YOU HAVE TO ZOOM IN, IT’S BIG:
After displaying it, there’s a file menu on the left. Click on that and there’s a download selection. You can download the file for yourselves if you want it.

I see what your getting at but the yo-yoing community already does that by wether or not you know how to bind and posting stuff on YouTube.

What about drunken yoyo style?

That title is saved for masters of horizontal play :smiley:


Simply yoyoing is enough to keep my virginity intact if people found out there were outfits and a kung fu belt to go with it…well lets just say that would be over kill


What about fancy hats. We wear fancy hats for whatever tricks we can do. For example, a feather can mean a certain trick, and we can adorn the hats with various plumage. This will also help us find mates, which yoyoing is quite at a loss for. You also can’t take the hats off.

It’s hard to classify where someone is in terms of skill. Most of yoyoing is creating, not following certain guidelines, like martial arts. Just because I can do all of the Master tricks doesn’t mean I’m a master (for the record I’ve tried none of them).

I don’t need some identifier to let the world know how good or how bad(more factual) that I am. I’m not into this for competition, I’m in this for fun and enjoyment. My suck-i-tude is irrelevant.

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Solid idea!!! And i can say from experience that doing master tricks doesnt make you anything close to a master!

I find most people enjoy it, I’ve only ever had one chick talk trash on any of my hobbies. I promptly kicked her out of my house.

As for fancy hats I’ve already got a tricorn but I would like a Damask linen Mitre so I could be, “The self proclaimed Pope of yoyos.”