yoyo bearings

(Teapot Drake YoyoExpert) #1

im new to yoyos so i dont know what is wrong but, had a dark magic for like a week and about two days ago it started to make this clicking noise and it goes slower. i didnt put anything on the bearings or anything like that so got any tips that can fix it?

(Mark) #2

Try putting some thin lube in it. The bearing is probably dry. It was the same as my Speed Maker’s.


And if lube fails, clean the bearing.

(Teapot Drake YoyoExpert) #4

is there anything that can replace thinlube?

(Cinimod105) #5

There are other alternatives, but thin lube is the safest and it works best, so I would reccomend you to invest in one bottle.


Sewing machine oil, trumpet oil, there are some others, just google them.

(Mark) #7

I recommend trumpet valve oil. ;D

(Teapot Drake YoyoExpert) #8



I used trumpet valve oil one time for my bearing and it was a lot quieter i reccomend it.


Try to clean or use thin lube on the bearing. (or replace it)