pleas help !!!

hi !
when im playing with yuuksta i heard a noise sound come from bearing . and the bearing be shorter spin time and stronger sound
pleas help
if i need a new bearing for it ?
and i want ask u is ceramic dif - e - yo conkave bearing good for yuuksta ?

A new bearing won’t be necessary.

What you need to do is get some lighter fluid, acetone, or mineral spirits (it doesn’t matter which one)
Put one of the solutions in a glass bottle or cup with your bearing in it.
Shake and soak it for 10 minutes or nothing really over 15…
Take your bearing out and put it on a pencil or paintbrush.
Spin it until it gets dry.
Take a drop of thin lube and put that in the bearing.
Spin the bearing to work in the lube.
Play and the noise should be gone, it should sleep longer than you’ll need, and you won’t have to replace it.

thank u man but i havent and thare are no lube in my country i can change it with any thik ?
than i listen to some people say the lube make the yoyo response and i dont want a response yoyo
is this right ?

thick lube will make it responsive, but i use trumpet valve oil it works just as well as yyj lube.

yes this is correct.
There are a couple of options.

You could put some valve oil in it like the kind for trumpets.
Or I think you could put some sewing oil in it(i think ive heard that but i dont know what it is)
And you could also run it dry.

Many bearings come this way but overtime it could lock up causing you to replace it.

NOT COOL YOYOJAMizm you beat me to it haha.

if u get a terrapin chrome bearing u dont have to clean it u only have to blow it will air when it gets dirty

Just a quick thought. Do you have a sewing store anywhere nere you. You can get sewing machine oil, and it works the same as thin lube.

like everyone else said, clean it and use a tiny bit of thin lube. for lube i use sewing machine oil that can be found in just about any craft store. i have also used 3-in-1 oil and fishing reel oil.

Yeah thats what its called.

I put that haha I just couldn’t put a name to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx guys!!! i hav the same problem and i didnt know i did… where could i get the stuff for it???

Walmart is where I got all my stuff. The sewing machine oil, and mineral sprites that is. Provided of course that your walmart has a hardware section, and a sewing section. Otherwise any all purpose store K mart Target etc with a big enough selection should be able to set you up.