Hi Everyone,
My yuuksta is making a weird noise and is not sleeping very long and is very responsive even when i put thin lube on. I try doing my plastic whip, but the yoyo smacks back to my hand. I cleaned the bearing recently (A month or more ago) and i can’t get one of the shields to go back on. What should i do to make the yoyo spin well and be unresponsive?

Clean the bearing, make sure you get every single fluid out of the bearing. Now, see if it’s unresponsive.
Even after cleaning the bearing, it’ll take a few throws to be unresponsive and if it is LIGHTLY lubed, it’ll take 1-2 weeks to be unresponsive.

Remember, you put a drop of lube on a needle then apply the needle tip sized drop of lube to the balls. Repeat 2 times.

I think what it could’ve been was too much lube at one time. When a bearing breaks in, it gets loud and responsive for a little while. I think what happened to you was that when it got loud and started breaking in, you lubed it again. When you add more lube, it will get quiet again, but it will have to break in all over again. Just play through the loudness and responsiveness for a little while, and see if it quiets back down. Or, just clean it.

Skeleton, some things you said are not true. After you lube the bearing, if done correctly, can break in in a matter of minutes. The longest I’ve had was about 30min, then it was back to normal.

As for lubing, Skeleton almost had it right. You don’t need to repeat 2 times. That can actually put a little excess for what is needed. Just touching the needle to one ball is all it takes.

As for your bearing shields, they aren’t necessary. Most of my bearings are de-shielded. They play no differently.

Sorry, when I said 1-2 weeks, I meant for a whole drop of lube. Mis-typed that. Like for a big drop of lube from the origanal nozzle, it took me 1-2 weeks. Whoops.

So what youre saying is you only have to lube one ball of the bearing out of all of them for the whole thing to be covered? Or do you mean each ball? I’m new to this still so i just wanted to clarify :slight_smile:

just touch the needle to one of the balls then spin the bearing on a pencil or something to spread the lube out into the whole bearing

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Put lube on needle. Tilt it down so you can see the tiny drop of lube on the tip. Touch one of the balls. Spin it on a pencil or pen to spread it around. Flick it for around 5-10 times. Plug and Play.

But when i clean the bearing, i only remove one shield. Is this ok?

Why can you only remove one shield? You should remove both of them. But if you REALLY can’t, it should stil be ok. Just that when you’re done cleaning the bearing, remember to flick the bearing until all fluid is gone.

That’s what they’re saying. Myself, I apply a small drop right from the tube, then give it a shot w/compressed air to blow it off. Works great.

Yes, that is perfectly fine.

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I just have a question, where do you get compressed air? Do you have to get a special machine or something?

u can buy it at like everywhere like walmart and target and its just a like lysol can type thingy with a very small like straw,…

I have a compressor, but I also use the cans of air like YOYOJAMizm mentions. I get mine at a computer store. It’s a common item for cleaning keyboards, electronics, cameras etc.

… Can you post a link to what it is? Like I can only imagine a coke can with air inside.

Here ya go.
Commonly known as air dusters.


Oh, thanks a lot!