Yoyo Battle Rules?



If I wanted to do a yoyo battle what would the rules be? Is it like horse in basketball?


Well for one no human sacrifice.

No video editing (speeding up etc…)


Make the rules whatever you want! I have seen all sorts of crazy rules for video battles. Just have fun with it!

But that part about no human sacrifice is a good rule of thumb. :3


How about you cant use your hands?

The yoyo cant touch your hand except the first throw


i got tons more

(Mitch) #5

Alot of fun things to add are trick elements… Like one throw trick that much contain one regen, one grind, and two uses of slack… This is like iron chef… both players have salmon, but who can make a better trick with it?


This sounds fun. I want to be in a battle.

(Mitch) #7

I’ll take you on Julien… I’ve never been in a battle before…


A list of good requirements for the battle:

  1. Must be upside down.
  2. Must be hanging in a tree, minimum of 80 feet in the air.
  3. Must be hanged from tree by either your right or left knee.
  4. Must use a mighty flee with a minimum of 4 feet of string.
  5. Must use feet to yoyo.


grammar cop


haha you forgot blindfolded and u must loop with your hands while playing with your feet :slight_smile:


you must do 3a with your feet while you play the piano with your arms.