Yoyo banned from Nine Inch Nails Concert

So I’m currently attending a Nine Inch Nails concert in Las Vegas. As I was walking in tonight the following event actually took place:

Big, dumb, meathead door guy employed by the Hard Rock Casino checking my pockets: Hey bro, what is this?
Me: (Politely confused) Umm, it’s a yoyo. (It was a pink Paul Han Onestar)
Him: A what?
Me: A yoyo. You know, like a toy?
Him: I don’t believe you, bro. You know I can’t let you in with this.
Me: What? It’s a yoyo, you know? It’s a toy…ummm
Him: Either throw it away or take it back to your car.
Me: Seriously? It’s a toy, I can show you…
Him: You’re holding up the line, bro, step aside.

I took the Onestar back to my car and then waited through the admittance line a second time…very bizarre experience. His name was Nathaniel. My name is Nathaniel. Way to give Nathaniels a bad name, “bro.”

that’s not cool mr. “Not a cool Nathaniel”


Not cool at all.

I’m sorry for this mr “cool Nathaniel”. Nobody should have their throws distracted in such a manner… Humph.

This is when you challenge him and say “How stupid can you be? Have a riddle. What has two plastic halves and a string attached… Hmmmm what else could it be…”

I grew up on NIN. That guy can still throw a concert. How was the show?

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Sucks man, I tour all the time and no one ever gives me crap for my yoyos. We even sell yoyos at our merch table.

Flawless. It was an amazing show and yeah, he can definitely throw a concert still. Trent is 100% professional and one heck of an artist.

Ibanez Guy, that’s awesome that you would have yoyos at your merch table! Don’t do it at The Joint at the Hard Rock Casino though, they will make you throw them away or return them to your vehicle! Especially intimidating pink plastic ones…

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That’s a weird story. I wonder if it was just something with that one guy, or if another door guy there would have made the same decision. It may be that Hard Rock has their rules and the guy is following the rules, as far as what is allowed in, or not. The strange thing to me is that a set of keys seems more obviously dangerous to be used as a weapon…than a yo-yo. Even if he thought something was being smuggled inside the yo-yo…what would possibly fit in there that would cause so much harm? If you had to go to your car, it would have been nice if he let you bypass the line when you came back. Sometimes it’s not what people have to do, it’s how they do it. The only way to be sure would be to speak to management, not to get anyone in trouble necessarily, but to understand better what is allowed in for next time. Sounds like a great show.

Cool story, bro.

I remember once not being let into a gig because I had a can (unopened) of Monster in my hand. I chucked it in the bin next to the door and was let inside, but was instantly set upon by 5 security guards who escorted me to a seperate room and searched me.

Still have no idea why. There were hundreds of dodgy looking guys going in and even people selling drugs outside, yet I was the one who was treated like a potential terrorist.

Had nothing to do with yoyos, but hey, whilst we’re sharing stories… :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously has no idea what a yoyo is. I would recommend you not take it out on him BTW. He said that he had to do his job. If that is what he is being paid to do, then let him do it. Complain to the employer/rule maker, not the man who does the jobs.

I guess he wasn’t going to let you get in with something he wasn’t 100% sure about being safe. And i understand that.

Btw people, never, NEVER argue with bouncers/security-guards at clubs, concerts, bars etc. It doesn’t get you anywhere.

Yeah, clearly arguing was not going to get me anywhere, hence I took it back to my car. I know he was just doing his job, it was just a weird experience. NIN is playing the same venue again tonight and I’m going to attempt to sneak an “Eh” into the show. See how scary a yoyo is when it’s made from wood. Wish me luck!

Sorry. Gotta take the side of the venue. If it was Kenny G concert, you can bring in bazookas for all it matters because nobody is gonna use them. The audience “expected mentality” is what determines what is or isn’t allowed.

Yoyo’s aren’t really suitable accessories for concerts. If they won’t let you drop it in your pocket, leave it in the car. The event’s insurance isn’t willing to accept injuries related to the use/mis-use/abuse/defensive/offensive capacities of a yoyo, be it intentional or accidental.

I’m only allowed them because I run FOH(and sometimes monitor mix) and without me, well, no show. One heck of a negotiation tactic!

Want to make a bigger statement? Ban NIN from yoyo contests?

I can see how it isn’t a concert accessory. And I did just actually LOL from the ban NIN from yoyo contest comment. Haha. Kids these days listen to so much NIN… Haha. Seriously valid points though. Thanks for the reply! :wink:

Weird. Security let me into FedEx Field for a skins game even though I had my contact juggling ball on me. And even I think that’s weird… I mean it’s just a random oversized clear ball.

  1. Demonstrate that you can do yo-yo tricks with it, do a braintwister or something.

  2. Withdraw 1 nine inch nail from your back pocket, stab his eyes out with it, and proceed forward.

If they won’t let nine inch nails in, then what are you even going for?

Probably just him. There will always be that one security guard that is paranoid that gives the normal ones a bad name.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that has to do with some incident with people throwing cans and injuring people so it would make sense that an unopened can would be taken as a more serious threat. I know for a fact that they do not sell cans at baseball games anymore, bottles or cups only.

I think it would have been nicer to let you skip the line the second time though. I don’t have a problem with a paranoid security guard. After all, his job is…security. With all the weird and stupid things people do to create safety issues for others, if I was going to a concert, I could appreciate it. It sounds like everyone left there safe and…I’d rather be inside and be safe. They should hire more paranoid security at the venues I go to. It could have been the rules of the venue, or a special request that NIN made about how they want their event to be top notch secure. The only way to know, would be to ask management about that level of security. It sounds like you got out safe, so Mr. Paranoid did his job that night. :wink: Too bad the pink throw didn’t get some love that night though. Maybe it looked like something cheap that someone might risk tossing on stage…just because, so they didn’t want to chance it.

As for Gambit’s incident with the Monster can, I thought they would not let food and beverages in, because some venues sell their own food and beverages. They want you to buy theirs instead. :smiley: I guess it depends, if that venue sold beverages, or not. :-\

Off topic but I just noticed totalartist has manufacturer under his username! Have I missed it this whole time or is that new? haha

I’m working on a thread in the manufacturer section, to post new photos of the custom leather holders I make. I’ll be more active in there with the new rules in place. I’m working on the photos now, and I’ll have that updated in short order. :wink: