Yoyo banned from Nine Inch Nails Concert

:frowning: Skinny Puppy (period)

:stuck_out_tongue: I like Trent though, just giving ya crap :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely would not have complied to that guys absurdity. You should have stood right there and not moved anywhere but forward, what is he gonna do? Forcibly remove you for a yoyo? No, that won’t happen, he just bullied you, that’s all. You weren’t holding up the line, he was. Can’t just let people walk all over you.

$20 says knives and HELLA drugs made their way into that show, by the way. Doormen, 95% of the time, suck at their job.

Apparently none of you know what an underwriter is willing to allow as far as risk is concerned. That “what if” factor is a big one. The reality is that if someone is injured at a result of a yoyo, the underwriter is gonna turn around to the promoter and say, in more or less these exact terms: You’re (expletive deleted - done so by me, not some auto-censor), leaving the promoter with potentially a few million in liability.

Fact is, security at most venues are run by muscle-bound morons. It’s the intimidation factor that often gets the point across. Getting GOOD security is expensive. Guess what? You do get what you pay for. It’s a cost of doing business, and a cost I’d gladly pay to know I got super over-qualified people handling the job.

Now, the underwriting for say, Dianna Ross is gonna be a crapload LESS than NIN, anywhere from a factor of 5-10 times or MORE. You throw a metal band/act or anything hard/heavy into the equation, and the underwriter knows this gathers a more rowdy crowd, which means greater chance for incident(which may or may not happen, that’s why it’s insurance). Combined that with venues selling alcohol and well, you’ve got one heck of a potential problem that COULD(but might not) happen.

With a yoyo, that doesn’t mean the owner/holder of it will actually cause/create/be involved in an incident, but say it gets snatched and then ends up being used to hurt someone… well, depending on what happens, honestly, it won’t be the worst thing in the world. Bruises and maybe a cut or two or bashing in the fact requiring some medical attention, but medical costs are a screw-job.

Yeah, prove to the security guard you know how to use it. He’ll be impressed and tell you to trash it or put it away in your car.

I won’t deny for one second that there were weapons that were brought in. I carry a Leatherman type tool everywhere, but I leave it in the car when I go to events NOT as a worker. It’s easy to conceal a bladed weapon. With exotic materials, it’s easy to get them past metal detectors as well.

Yes, using a yoyo is not a crime. We all have to understand there is a proper time and place for our “vice” or hobby or lifestyle or whatever we need to label it for ourselves. Keep in mind concert venues are on private property(which may or may not be publicly funded) and are run as a business. Their rules. Accept it or avoid the venue. Period.

Yes, I enjoy yoyos tremendously. I am carrying a DM2 with me all over Disneyland right now(well, not right now, the park is closed, but you get my drift). I’m partially testing their policies. Yeah, I’m going against my own rules too.

Just be smart about things.

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You clearly do not know the rules bro. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Lol jk, yeah that sucks. I’ve gotten stopped a few times because of a yoyo. One time at ToysRUs some guy thought I had stolen a YoYo. I had to go find where the yoyos where so I could prove to him that they did not sell H3X’s -.-

Toys R Us selling Hex yoyos. HAHAHAHA!!! To end this topic…my wood “Eh” yoyo got in just fine on night number 2. It was a different security guard, but it wasn’t even questioned in the least.

Some people asked me to delete this post. I never wanted to give instructions how to abuse yoyos for cruel things or incite somebody to do it. I’m sorry.

I can’t believe people are actually saying they could see this peice of plastic with a string on it as a viable weapon.
you’re gonna waste time choking somebody with a yoyo string? Just take your belt off, there, you’ve murdered him in 1/3 the time. He should have taken shoelaces too, god knows you cant trust a kid with strings in his shoes. A 60g chunk of plastic in my hand would do nothing but interfere with my ability to cause serious damage to someone with my fists.
Don’t let people do crap like this to you, soon you really will have to be issued prison shoes to go into places.

Yeah, I was stopped at the Santa Anna zoo when I was yoyoing. And I just got a email that said I can’t yoyo at this class I take.

N8 did the right thing and did what he was asked. At the end of the day, he would never be able to sue for the ticket cost, because a judge will say he was allowed in, if he put the yo-yo in his car, or anywhere, but inside the venue. As soon as they give you the option, they have a way out of being responsible for ticket costs. I’m not sure if you guys have ever read the fine print on concert tickets, but it gives them the right to do a lot of things you may not realize. Always read the fine print, because it states a lot of specifics about what is allowed in…or not. Usually, there is a blanket statement that things are allowed in at their discretion. So, yo-yos no doubt would be covered. Going to shows, it is something you agree to by showing up with the ticket. I tend to like to take pictures at shows, which is often not allowed, so I read the tickets…every fine print word. It is private property, so at the end of the day, it would not be worth anyone getting in trouble, getting the police called, or missing a NIN concert, over protesting entry of the yo-yo either. If someone feels strongly, the best thing is to talk to management, after you got what you wanted…which is to see the show. If there is any strong protest, it will be used as evidence that there was something sinister, because who in their right mind would openly protest a yo-yo getting in a show anyway. You have few rights on private property, especially when it’s written on the fine print of the ticket. That’s how I see it. It just wouldn’t be worth my time…but I’d be thinking geez…can I skip the line next time? :-\

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^^^^NO WAY! Screw the man! Rush the gate with the FHZ in your hand!

That is… if you wanna miss the show. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, TA is 100% correct. Just because you find something harmless (which in this case it basically is) doesn’t mean you can bypass authority (the doorman).

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^ Yeah, I want to keep my freedom. I’m all for a peaceful protest, but if you risk getting locked up, at least have a good story to make someone say…right on!! You don’t want to get out of jail and tell the story about the pink yo-yo, because as soon as you tell your friends that, the story goes down hill. I’m all for a matter of principle, because I do a lot of things based on that. But, with age, I learned that you have to choose your battles, and this one sounds like something I’d have to let go. I’d rather tell my friends how cool the show was than tell that story about how I got in trouble standing up for my right to lawfully carry a yo-yo into private property…and missed seeing NIN on top of it. :-\ I’m with N8 on this one.

Jail? What? All that would have had to happen was the dude to say BS, throw the yoyo down, turn around and tell everyone behind him that this is taking a long time because the door dude is concerned about this yoyo tied to my finger being a danger to y’all.

The subsequent laughter at the doorman would have ended it, 100%.

And wasn’t there a post earlier in this thread by a mod/admin(skitrz?) about him bringing a yoyo into the same show and playing for the band? That guy just didn’t like your face and wanted to push you around, and you let him, that’s all. If that’s how you people want to live your life, I guess that’s on you.

Throwing the yo-yo down would be littering, unless you pick it back up. And then, it might be a non-mint damaged Onestar after it hit the ground. It might be safer in the car. But seriously, I have a thing about waiting in line again. I might have walked straight up to the door guy, said to the next person in line, “excuse me, do you mind me going next, I waited in line and was told to put something back in the car.” If that person was cool with it, it might saved him the wait. That’s one thing I like about the post office. When you get to the desk, if they tell you something has to be filled out or re-done, when you step to the side…do as you were asked and return, they let you cut the line and go next. There’s an extra burn when you have to wait in line again after cooperating and doing as you were asked. Whenever I’ve dealt with the public, I kept that in mind. I think what the door guy could have done different is asked that the yo-yo be put away, but tell him that when he got back, he could walk up to him, and be re-checked without going through the line again. Then, there would not even be the need to wait again or make it cool with anyone else in line. :-\

I think the more likely scenario is you’d have people getting annoyed at you for holding up the line for something as (in their eyes) stupid as a yoyo, and the doorman would just get more annoyed and more resolved not to let you in. Who on earth even needs a yoyo at a gig?

A healthy respect of authority is in order. If you get pulled over by the police for something stupid and start giving it large about your rights and how stupid the situation is, then you’re gonna end up making things worse for yourself. In my experience a bit of “yes officer, no officer, I’m sorry officer, it won’t happen again officer” will usually end up with nothing but a warning.

Doormen have the right to refuse people entry and most of them (at least in this country anyway) won’t think much about getting physical (or calling the police if you’re lucky) if you kick up a fuss. I’m not going to risk ruining what could be an amazing night for something so foolish. I wasn’t happy about having to throw away my can of Monster, but I travelled all that way to jump around with my mates and have a good time, not argue with people at the door.

From my experience most of them tend to be pretty decent guys with pretty stressful jobs. If you show them respect, they usually show you respect in return.

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I agree, and you’ll probably be more likely to get away with it being a woman (it just is how it is). However people tend to get quite upset with perceived “queue cutters” and I’ve seen altercations start because people have hopped (or appeared to) the queue. If you can explain it to people then it’s all good, and I agree that you shouldn’t have to start queing all over again, but depending on how long people have been waiting and the type of people that the gig draws, you might be in for some unpleasantries from fellow gig-ers.

Throwing the yo-yo down would be littering, unless you pick it back up.


In the context of speaking your mind about the doorman, sure…turn to the crowd, and throw a sleeper. I’m not so sure that is the ideal trick for the situation, but whatever works. :-\ I don’t think they’ll let you in with that one though. At least walk the dog or something for them.

Rocking the baby opens all doors. When they see you rockin’, the babes come a-knockin’.