yoyo bags

Does anyone here make their own bags or cases?

I have this yye bag :

I want to replace the foam with something harder/firmer. If anyone can suggest something they have used which is more on the harder side, it will be great. Also it doesn’t have to be foam, if there is an alternative please share.


my dad made me one for christmas with 16 holes in it.

I made my own once. Cut the foam and was able to fit it in a front of my backpack

I don’t know what this is made of, but it looks more durable.

This would be the perfect bag for me, but does anyone know the brand name? I know Shinnosuke Miyamoto throws for CLYW, but I haven’t seen any bags or cases by them.

I guess a zippered CD case would work for you DIYers.

Industrial high density foam is expensive but it is a very tough hard packed sturdy foam.

yea i wonder what that is. I really need to find something more durable. I need to replace the foam, maybe I will go to home depot or an Arts & Craft store and check out what they have.

hmm do you know where I can check em out?