Yoyo Appraisal Thread

Recently, I’ve been seeing quite a few threads asking about the value of yoyos. I figured I would create this thread so we could consolidate all of our questions here, and provide a place for people who don’t want to make their own thread, yet still want to know the value of their yoyos, a place to gain this information.

Quick tips for getting a quote on your yoyo:

°State model of your yoyo you would like to get appraised by the community.

°Inform us of the colorway/edition of the yoyo.

°Show us/describe to us any damage on the yoyo in question. Pictures are helpful.

°Let the community help put a value to your yoyo, hopefully helping you sell it, or just get a quick quote.

I guess in time, this thread will prove exactly how useful it is, just thought it would be a good idea to organize stuff. Lots of people don’t seem to know the value of their throws, and hopefully this will give them a general idea. Post away!

Yoyos appraised (by brand):

Anti Yo
Bapezilla.2 (Mint)-$70-$80
DRI-YWET (Mint)-$120

Tondo (Light damage)-$80-$120

Arctic Circle (Mint, Ash Berry colorway)-$90-$110
Arctic Circle ((Large ding w/ small scratches, Purple w/ Silver Speckle colorway)-$70-$80
Cliff (Mint, 28 Stories)-$105-$115
Gnarwhal (Small dings/scratches, Halloween Edition-$80
Puffin (Light Damage, Ugly Purple Blizzard colorway)-$70-$80
Fools Gold Chief (Mint, Delirium Dive colorway)-$70

John Ghazi Freehand Zero (Light damage, Modded)-$15-$20
Freehand Mg (Light damage on rims)-$150

General Yo
B-Grade Hatrick (Half Red/Blue, Small pinprick and scratch)-$40-$60
Majesty (Mint, Limey Stew colorway)-$110-$120
Ministar (Small “line”, DXL Battle Championship Edition)-$60-$70

Gorylla 411 (mint)-$30

Enigma (Lots of damage, Vibey)-$40-50

One Drop
Cascade (Mint, Bape colorway)-$60-80
Cascade (Light damage, Pancakes colorway)-$70
Unlazered Prototype Code 2 (Dings, Mint) -$60-$70

Square Wheels
B-Grade Rex (Mint)-$50-$60

TiWalker (Near Mint)-$250
D-Bearing SkywalkerSolid colors - $70-$80; Fanceh colorways - $80-110
D-Bearing Skywalker (Light damage, Works colorway)-$80-$90
Moonwalker (Mint, Raw and Blasted)-$250

G5 #2-$60
G.5 (Pinpricks, Silver colorway)-$15-$30
08 888 (Small Scratch, Blue colorway)-$55-$65
Grind Machine 2 (Mint, US Nationals Edition)-$70-$80
Genesis+ (Small scratches/vibe, Miggy Edition)-$60-$70
Protostar (Cracked, Blue colorway)-$10-$15

Synergy (Mint)-$40-$60

Space Monkey-$25


This is a really good idea. For people that don’t want other members of YYE to know that they aren’t sure of the price of your yoyo (because they might be taken advantage of when that person trades with them) PM anyone that has a trade count of more than 20, they know their stuff and would be glad to help. I’m open to this also.


This is a good idea and should help some people out. The only thing is some people have different views on what something is worth. Some think something is worth a lot and a bunch of others think its worth what it should be worth. Example: Peaks. This thread will give a good view on what something is worth out there in reality.

I usually have a good idea on what the market value is on throws and I would love to share my BST knowledge with the folks who need help :slight_smile:


I already get a bunch of PM’s asking what something is worth. This is a good idea.


Something interesting:

A mint protostar’s value is 20-22 dollars, yet thay always sell for 15$ lol

FIRST UP!  :slight_smile:

A near mint B!ST tondo, blue.
Has a few itty bitty pin pricks and a scratch.

Link to the pics is here:


Create a list of people who would be ideal to private message for an appraisal. It seems that maybe you and Yomagic would be people to contact. I just think it would be easier over PM because it will keep the thread less cluttered with simple responses of questions we have to ask because they weren’t initially included.

Just a suggestion, put it into thought :slight_smile:

Are you planning to sell or are you just seeing what it’s worth?

This is exactly what I think this thread is going to turn into.

I want to see what it’s worth and then decide whether or not it is enough for me to sell it.

only tondos i’ve seen have all been about $150 and those were mint. so i say $125-$135 would be a solid number with light damage

To be honest a Tondo is one of the few yoyos that hasn’t hit the BST’s many times. So there isn’t any precedence to base a market price for. That’s a novelty item that I would suggest contacting a collector such as Jason Wong (I know he has one) or YoyoBrothers (on Instagram) to try and get an actual value one. If I was to guess $80-$120 range but not entirely sure. It could be worth more to the right person.

If you guys don’t want to clutter the thread, we could compile a list of those willing to be PM’ed (I fear this may get annoying for some after a while), or we could come up with another system. Another option is to just leave it how it is, and put more regulations in (what would these regulations be, I’m not sure). If you would like me to edit the original post, I’m more than willing!

i have a yoyo factory g.5 and the only flaw is a small cluster of pin pricks. other than that it is in mint condition and i am sure that this is rare due to the fact that i cant find anything about thisw yoyo. also the yoyo is silver with transparent neon green hubstacks. please pm me with the answer by the way its a pocket throw. please pm me thanks.


To be honest, half the BST belongs in this thread. :smiley: A lot of people are on there pretending to be selling, with no price listed asking you to “offer up.” They are just seeking a yo-yo appraisal. Any BST without a price listed should be in here. I think this is a good idea. If people are just “curious” how valuable something is in their collection, but they don’t want to sell…they can come in here and possibly find out.

Big Cat, perhaps keep a list by modifying your original post with every throw inquired about here. That way, if someone buys or sells on the BST, or Ebay for more or less than what is listed, they can update you. :-\

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So you want a list of how much people bought/sold their yoyos for, so that we could easily find the values of our yoyos?

Well, if the thread gets long, people will have to look through the whole thread to see if the yo-yo they are curious about has already been discussed, and an estimated value figured. It seems the list would be just of the yo-yo, model, and the value determined from the thread. I think anyone who sells that yo-yo for a value otherwise should contact Big Cat so he can update the list. Otherwise, we run the risk of the same yo-yo asked about again and again. Unless, that’s what he wants or does not mind if it happens that way.

Appraisal on a Mint Arctic circle in the Ash berry colorway, a D-Bearing skywalker works edition with one tiny ding, and a zeekio space monkey?

Appraisal of a mint on card (card is not mint, but in pretty good shape) Moose’s Gold Atom 7000.

barebones, by dif-e-yo…priceless :slight_smile:



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