Yoyo and yoyo colour string

Name a yoyo and a coloured string that would/does with a yoyo I’ll start it off

Paul Han one star
Blue string

Every yoyo ever made

and neon yellow string. :wink:


Glow-in-the-dark string


Hmmm. I like neon green.

Neon green or neon yellow.

Light blue Summit with Pink Type X (I believe the color is called bubblegum)

The RecRev TA-1A in pink ano with neon green/yellow string can shatter minds

I have neon pink strings on all my throws with any blue on them it looks so good!

I must shamefully admit that I sometimes pick string colour based on the yoyo.

As it turns out, neon yellow or green work well with so many yoyos!

When I can’t decide on a colour, or I don’t have a colour that works… good ol’ white!

The one thing I never do is green in a red yoyo. I just can’t do it. Looks so wacky. The only time green and red should mix is at Christmas time.

I think blue string goes well with a red yoyo

You got it! Blue in my (mostly) red, silver, and black Wrath. Boom!

YYF severe w/ white poly string attached to Duncan dice counter weight
C3 Dibase w/ purple string