Yoyo aluminum types

Pls tell me what’s the difference between aluminum types

6061 - what basically everything is made of

7075 - slightly heavier, corrodes easier, a little harder to anodize, WAY more hype.

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I believe 6061 is most commonly used, whereas the 7075 alloy is stronger and more seldom used.

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certain chinese yoyos are neither…

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Certain extremely high end German yoyos are neither 6061 or 7075, as well. What’s your point?


i think Werrd uses an “in between” type alloy if im not mistaken

I didnt know this, thanks. Explains why my Irony JPX feels different

ILYY uses 6068 or something like that I think.

YoYoRecreaton has used “2017” aluminum on a run of Sleipners they sold a while back.
It has a feel much like 7075. I was very impressed with it…
I’m not sure if they have any future plans to use it again though.


I doubt they’ll use it again… the density is really close to 7075, but 2017 is not very strong.