What material is used on a Punchline?

I wanted to know what material it is and i think its aluminum but which aluminum

probably 6061 or 7075

thanks is the lower number lighter in weight or cost less or something?

yes it was copied. yes it is right
7075 is generally a little heavier than 6061 but its much stronger and can be machined thinner.

6061 aluminum is cheaper by at least half the cost of 7075 but its not as strong and you generally get a little beefier parts.

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thanks so so much born2yoyo got it now

Just an FYI, Most yoyo’s today are made of 6061. 7075 is much harder to anodize.

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Thanks Icthus :slight_smile:

The first number (it can be one through eight) refers to what other elements the aluminum is alloyed with. 6000 series aluminum is primarily alloyed with magnesium and silicon. 7000 series aluminum is primarily alloyed with zinc. The next three numbers are used as identifiers to determine the amounts of those elements.


No problem!

And are the YYF premiums made out of 7075? Because the anno kind of fades?

That is correct, Born2YoYo.

I’m kind of jacking this thread but how do the different types of aluminum effect play?

higher grade aluminium, like 7000 type tend to be stronger and harder, thus mean less possibilities of it flexing upon impact (ding).

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They don’t differ in play but they do in durability like Kristiawan said.