Yoyo 1 A recommendation


Hey guys/girls, I am looking for a yoyo recommendation. I am looking for something that is similar to the Protostar (Excluding Northstar) Basically what I am looking for is a yoyo with a smaller inner gap. By this I mean that I want the Diameter of the area holding the response pad to be as close and thin as possible to the response pad. For example if i were to compare the Dark Magic II and Protostar, the Dark Magic 2 has extra flat surface space around the ring of the response system where as the Protostar has almost no extra space around and thats the type of yoyo i like.

Any ideas?


I don’t know what your price range is, but I would suggest somethig like a code 1. That things beastly and its got some serious spin power. Especially with light side effects. Hope I helped.


Yea My limited is pretty high as far as price. just less than $130 though