yoying better

I first started using a yo-yo by my self. Then I got a friend into it. When I was just throwing by my self, I would learn a few new tricks a week. Now my friend is in to it, I learn a new trick maybe once or twice a month. Does any one else seem to do better when they don’t have friends who throw to?

I find having someone to throw with makes learning or making up tricks easier.

My friend does 5A and all he does is the trick “butterfly” and “bee sting” and he thinks he’s godly :confused:

i think having friends help for inspiration on new tricks. Your probably not learning as many tricks because you’re advancing in skill and it’s hard to learn new advanced tricks. Same thing happened to me once i hit a certain point

I think that being around people has only helped my yoyoing. Back when I knew no one and didn’t know about the forums, it took me years to develope and learn new tricks.

Man I would love to have someone else around who throws. I have gotten better just from visiting this forum. It incredibly clear recently when it took me 3 days to land the first part of Spirit Bomb. It would be much easier if i could learn first hand.

It became incredibly clear recently for me that I need to be around other people who throw. It took me 3 days to land the first part of Spirit Bomb. It would have been much easier if I could learn first hand.

Same here with advancing.
I learn a lot better when I’m learning from someone in person, plus I love being around yo-yoing people, even if it’s just to sit a watch.

…same -facepalm-