When you yoyo do you...

…enjoy trying to make your own tricks more or leaning other people’s tricks?

I personally haven’t went and learned other people’s tricks from a tutorial in a long time (maybe a year?). I like to attempt to make my own. I’m really slow at developing and making my tricks but it’s an enjoyable process :slight_smile: I think I would progress in my skill much faster if I just went and learned other people’s but I just don’t find that fun anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Same for me, I’ve only learned 2 or three tricks last year, but created a lot more.

Style development usually arises from a failure of emulation of someone else. By trying to learn others peoples moves you find your own place in the exploration of the tangle. Stumbling across elements, rolls, or twirls in a way that you would not normally do. Once youve ingrained those new variables, then thye start building on themselves. Before you know it youve got your own style, flow, and trick set.
Its not really about “your tricks” or “their tricks” but what you do and how you do it.

Both for me.

I’m going to be 36 in a few weeks. I’m just in this for my own enjoyment, some days that is working on my own thing, other days that’s trying to land Spirit Bomb or Rancid Milk on a No Jive :slight_smile: