Throwing your own tricks or throwing other peoples trick?

Which you do you think is more important? Doing your own tricks or doing other peoples tricks? Personally i find doing other peoples tricks helps me make my own tricks. But on the other hand it’s better to throw your own combos and tricks when you are in a contest. So, what do you think?

On your first year of yoyoing, it’s okay to steal other people’s tricks, but as time passes you should start making up your own tricks.

Yo-yoing is a really unique hobby/sport. When you think you made a trick up, you see someone else doing it with ease. Is the trick that you claim to have made really truly your creation? Maybe someone out there made it first but hasn’t recorded it yet. All you can really recognize is style as unique.

I honestly don’t care what I’m throwing out because you should enjoy your tricks even if they aren’t your own creation. For all I know, maybe that awesome combo that could earn me place as Trick Innovator of the year was already created just not discovered somewhere else.

I mostly make up my own tricks. There are only a few exceptions where I like to use tricks I learned online(notably crowd-pleasers like ping pong and follow). Of course I have had my share of tricks “stolen” by other people, but that’s the thing with yo-yoing nowadays; you can never be sure that you made up a completely new trick or element.