Yours Truly, The Sparrow- A Short

This is a video I did to showcase my new array of tricks utilizing some different flow inspired by the musical stylings of Circle Takes the Square. Player: Zach Smith Yoyo: ILYY Wasabi Song: A Non Objective Portrait of Karma by Circle Takes the Square.

nice video and amazing tricks

Awesome tricks! Although, I had to turn down my volume. ;D

So did my mom. -_-

Dude that was amazing! I love your style so much! You are becoming one of my favortie players :smiley:

Thanks man.

Oooooooh… aaaahhhhhh…

Loved the tricks! I turned off my sound though :P. I must say though, I like your previous vids much more because of your energy, that’s one of the main reasons I love your vids, you put sooo much energy when doing your tricks but this one you’re kinda like…bleh. Just some critisicm.

About the music, I usually use music that pretty much everyone likes(or can tolerate. :P) but I used the music I did because pretty much the entire video was inspired by it. And the lack of energy was just an experiment. A shot in the dark at a vid with a more serious air. Personally, I think its my best work, as far as yoyo videos. But it’s all opinion. :slight_smile:

It is opinion, just next time how about you film the Panda that we all know ;). The tricks still kick butt.