Takes 1-14

These are tricks “i think” i have created, i would just like some input on them, i just want to know what some of you may think. I take constructive criticism so please say what your honest opinion is, and some helpful pointers would be nice, i have been yoyoing for about 13 months (1 year 1 month). Some of the tricks i have changed around or just completely forgot about, but mainly i would just want to know if any of the tricks look familiar or are a complete replica of someone else’s work.



In my opinion and from my knowledge you have definitly made up those, very nice and flowy. Keep it up. Very very nice, just a tad choppy here and there but definitly worth the watch.

Thank you for your opinion it means a lot, i just need to work on smoothing some stuff out like you said some are a tad choppy, i’m glad you took your time to watch them. :slight_smile:

Yeah it was a load of videos but it is worth the watch, hehe.