New video. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Sweet. How long have you been yoyoing?


About 3 1/2 years. Thanks :slight_smile:


I was expecting more than that. That’s about how long I’ve been yoyoing. You have that certain expertise about a 5 or more year player.


wow… That was awesome. Very complex and such smooth tricks. The only thing I would change would be the music, although it was good, I just didn’t find the music right for the video.


Sorry you didn’t like the music. I just desired for the videos main concept to be minimalism, and it just currently fits my life. Thanks though :slight_smile:


That was great! also i thought the music fit with the tricks perfectly


That was great. I loved that you did things that I did not anticipate in many of your tricks.


Wow, that’s crazy smooth. Keep it up!


That was amazing man. I really like your style is really flowy and complex and I thought the music was perfect it just drew me in and made me really just look at the tricks and relax. Great scenery too so awesome video all around, hopefully there is more where that came from!


Thanks men.