1 and a half years


enjoy :slight_smile:


Loved it Gary! :smiley:




thanks for the comment guys


Dude, sick. The slow-mo slacks, the angles, the music. If I had a yoyo team, I’d put you on it instantly! 8)


woot woot

(JackG) #7

its too good


Wow ofcourse good 1.5 years

Gary please make a tut for the last trick it looks like so kind of a revolutions

(Eleazar) #9

I don’t know what to sat everything in that vid was near to perfect.

(Zach Smith) #10

Except the angles. Half the time I wasn’t seeing the whole trick and the moves were awesome.


Yeah I really need to get a stand for my camera.

(Zach Smith) #12

Indeed. Nevertheless, it was awesome.

(Waylon) #13

Outstanding. I’ve been throwing for six months. It seems like the more I learn the more I enjoy quality videos. I just got to see two back-to-back.