Need some comment about my new concept yoyo video

here is an opening of it, hope you enjoy it

i love yoyoing so much, it teaches me what true determination is. and i hope yoyoing become more and more art-like that can express different kind of feelings or emotion.

guys usually post video with high speed crazy tricks in highly-tense music. i don’t know whether that’s some western custom, but it makes non-yoyoing people feel yoyoing is a crazy(actually nerd) or childish thing. so i start to think of slower melody, why not play with a more relaxing or elegant music in a fantastic or beautiful scene?

To work on with it , i find that a bit hard to slow down a trick you used to do much quicker and flower, but i think it’s a revolution change.

My school internet blocks YouTube during lesson times but I can’t wait to see this. :slight_smile: I’ve always been more interested in slower, more interesting yoyoing.

I’ll be honest here, I didn’t like your video because I didn’t get the point.

I’m all for yoyoing as an art form and in my own videos I try to create images using yoyos rather than show off my skills (which I don’t really have anyway).

if you want to see something more “artsy” including yoyoing, I’d suggest some of the music videos that have been made, like alicia keys “wait til I see your smile”

And for what it’s worth, if you want to watch videos that put the emphasis on the art rather than the sport, you should check my vids as well. I don’t have crazy yoyoing skills, I’m more or less an “advanced noob” but I’ve been picking up video/editing in the same time I’ve been picking up yoyoing, and always with the intent to make nice images.

you should also check vids from C3yoyodesign, the russian director “KodakVV” on youtube, where you got premium yoyoing skills paired up with premium editing/artistic skills.

But a zoom in with after effect stuff on it is not going to cut it for me, sorry. it just doesn’t seem like you really put in that much work in it.

Keep in mind that in order to find “new concepts”, you first have to be good at knowing and mastering what already exists, otherwise, you’re just reinventing the wheel.

and if you want cool music and easy tricks, have a look at my last vid, I tried to take advantage of a stormy day in order to put emphasis on nature, the sky, the fields and flowers, along with yoyoing

51 seconds I’ll never get back.

Sorry, I didn’t get it. I’d rather see maybe your opening segment than a concept introduction.

I don’t need video with break-neck speed tricks and flash and zoom. I can appreciate people who have good flow, control and don’t need to go fast unless they want to or need to. I mention Guy Wright, who I saw perform at CalStates. It was an amazing performance, all about flow, rhythm and connecting the performance to the music.

In contrast, I note that Hiroyuki Suzuki, who is known for speed, doesn’t NEED speed, it’s just become something he is known for, part of his style and clearly part of how he enjoys how to play.

I think as players, we go through phases. First, it’s all about LANDING the trick. Skills build and then we get into a speed phase. Once we get past this phase, everything opens opens up. For me, I’m ages away from speed. I can’t do some tricks yet due to not having sufficient skills AND not able to play fast(which some tricks do require)…

So, why not show us the first minute of your actual video instead.

I have to admit I was hoping for a taste of this beautiful YoYoing, not half a minute of zooming in on a YoYo then a logo. Still I look forward to a video of something actually happening… :slight_smile:

wheres the yoyoing ???


thanks, i got much inspiration from your post, the only problem to me is a good camera work, people around me don’t have any camera technics and my dv is not so good, seems i need some time to fix these problems. wait my another post!

I feel you on this one

I just got my mind blown by the most creative/innovative/good looking yoyo video I ever saw

check it out

I suspect they worked on this one for that dark yoyo contest but didn’t finish it in time (although I have no info on it whatsoever). if that vid had entered the contest, it would have crucified all the other vids, winners included.