Your very own signature throw

oh ok i see

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I learned modern unresponsive yo-yoing last february then released my first design that october. It took a lot of time and effort but it’s possible.


Y’all are just a bunch of enablers! Really though?

The mind whirls with possibilities…


VERY true

Delrin is 1.41 g/cm2. Each half could have ~23 cm2. If we figure a circle of ~5 cm, and a lip of approximately 1 cm (measured at the farthest point of circle) it might be closer than I’d think. Subtract a bit for response, axle groove, etc…

I SUPPOSE there’s always weight rings, but that’s SO 1990’s…

The next issue I have is how to attach the axle to the halves. I don’t trust threading the delrin. I’d want some type of metal threads.

After that it’s a “simple” matter of design and proof of theory. Then sourcing materials, parts, manufacturing, etc…

Ok, @MarkD, @Glenacius_K, where do I begin?


What are you asking me? How to make an acetal unresponsive?

I use Cabal guts and hand turn them.


This is a solved problem - I’d recommend doing some research about how existing yoyos are assembled before trying to design something. There’s a lot of good info in this thread: Yoyo CAD & Prototyping Adventures


Thanks, Mark! I knew there was a solution, I just didn’t know how to word my search for it! Amazing. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I knew I could count on the forum. Research, research, research…

Hahaha! What AM I thinking?!?!


Thanks! That’s actually quite helpful!


I’m going to stop posting in here now. Sorry if I thread jacked. Thank you to all the enablers and instigators. :):rofl:


I’m wondering how many people would prefer a signature variant of their favorite yo-yo instead of a signature yo-yo. Given how many prominent players end up with multiple signatures or end up using a newer model from the brand that sponsors them.

  • Signature yo-yo
  • Signature edition of existing yoyo

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Also YYF got incredibly close to what I’m looking for with the Bimetal Shutter, just not monometal and with one less cut than I’d have.

It’s 56x46.5, 64.8gs.


I don’t know. I voted to have a signature of an existing throw. But giving it more thought, I think I would rather start with a colorway or sig edition, but then rather than a new signature all together I would probably slightly modify some.


So many players are looking for such similar things when thinking about their given division, I don’t see how tons of people wouldn’t either just want a yo-yo that already exists in their own colorway or slightly tweaked to suit their preferences, whether it’s just a little wider, taller, lighter etc.

Look at how many companies release yo-yos that are really close to eachother. It’s almost like they prefer a yo-yo made by another company but aren’t sponsored by them. :shushing_face:

Even Ben said at one point everyone just basically wanted a Genesis.


I’d like my own signature because there isn’t really a lot of what I REALLY enjoy on the market. A lot of great throws, but not the specs I would use for MY signature throw, which kind of throws a wrench into things. I remember sebastian brock talking about it with the bassalope where it was his signature so he wanted a small bearing and pads, whereas everyone else prefered a large bearing and flowable response, hence a lot of large bearing bassalopes being made with flowable response. So its kind of tough to find that line between what you want and what does the market want, because at the end of the day if you’re not a company that could sell literally anything they wanted to like art sf or od for example, you have a lot of other factors to think about apart from just what you want. Like mark drew something up for me which is kinda like if a punchline 5star and tivayder had a ménage à trois but at the same time its probably very specific to what I want, so if/when it becomes a reality im nervous it wont sell good.


Have you seen the new A-RT/SF collab. It’s made from rusty metal with razors poking out of the rims so when you’re in a wrist mount you just die.

It was 300$ and sold out in three minutes.


Wrist mount is my go to mount. Tried to pick one up and missed out, 6 seconds in. Saved my life.


Yo you can’t leave me hanging like that. I need to know what’s ideal in the mind of the supreme divinity of recreational activities.


It’s more of a logistical hazard to deal with making a whole new yoyo rather than just creating a new variation of an old one. Aesthetics are probably the most important factor to me when it comes to yoyo purchases right behind price, so it’s more convenient and satisfying to simply go for a signature colorway rather than a completely new model.

(oof I should take this opportunity to go make it using Fusion lol)


Adding on to my other posts here, my ideal shape would be somewhere in between these three:

I love the way cuts look on a yo-yo but IMO the Serenity has just a couple too many small cuts.