Your top 3 freestyles?

Personally I have a big list, but I simply love Alex Hattori’s 2016 US Nationals

second up Evan Nagao 2015 US Nationals

third is Takeshi Matsuura 2018 Worlds

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Both one and two are tied

  1. Gentry’s 2014 worlds
  2. Evans national/world 2018
  3. Takeshi 2018 world
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Jake Elliot 2015 Worlds
Gentry Stein 2014 Worlds
Evan Nagao 2016 Nationals


jensen kimmitt 2010 worlds
zach gormley 2015 worlds
jensen kimmitt 2010 ca states


Jensen 2010 world’s
Evan 2018 nationals
Yuuki 07 worlds

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  1. Takeshi Worlds 2018
  2. Polo AP 2018
  3. Hajime 4A 2018
    Idk why but 2018 freestyles are real gud for me
  1. Lawson Koulic 2A 2018 IL states.
  2. Polo 2018/19 AP
  3. Connor Seals Scales V2

Lawson is a meme

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You can really see the basic fanboys and modern hypebeasts in this thread :joy:

Alright I think mine are

  1. Hiroyuki Suzuki WYYC 2012
  2. Rei Iwakura WYYC 2017
  3. Ethan Wong EYYC 2013

Honorable mention to Hajime Miura WYYC 2014

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Almost anything Iori has done

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I haven’t kept up with the contest scene and I honestly don’t know if these have aged well, but I wanna play…

John Ando 2008 World’s showed a different route than just using speed. Major style. Ushered in an era of arm/body tricks.

Yuuki Spencer 2009 National’s, the last amazing contest freestyle from the master. Love the construction of this freestyle and the music edit.

Jensen Kimmitt 2011 World’s, a personal statement from the flow master. Somehow this broke my interest in keeping up with contest freestyles, actually. It just made me starkly aware that contests are not really made to showcase the type of yoyoing I care about.


Jake Elliott - 2015 Worlds 5A
Zach Gormley - 2015 Worlds 1A
Hajime Miura - 2018 Worlds 4A
Honorable mentions:
Micheal Kurti - 2019 US Nats 1A
Takeshi Matsuura - 2018 Worlda 1A
Garbkamol Limangkul - 2019 AP 1A
Connor Seals - SCALES v2

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  1. Andrew Bergen 2017

2.Jensen kimmitt 2011

  1. Zach Gormely 2015
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Lawson is the goat. See him at the yo-yo club.

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He’s a MEME :joy:

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