Your Signature Colorway?

If you had a signature colorway, what would it be?

Mine would be red/silver acid wash with red splash.

Pekka is pretty much what I would want. I like the simple silver and red.

I wanted to get this done a while ago, but couldn’t find anyone to do it.

All black with a firey tribal pattern on one rim, and an icey tribal pattern on the other. Similar to how the ranchero’s rims are.

My favorite colorway is Red / Black. Examples:

But Grey / Yellow is slowly getting a place on my heart. 8)

I’d love to see a neon yellow with dark blue splash.


Gold with silver in the inner cup.

Purple w blue/green splash or blue and green acid wash w purple splash

I would like a Tiffany blue/green, splashed with a navy blue, and speckled with a michaelangelo ninja turtle green.

Matt black with gold speckle!

I’d a clyw concrete blizzard colourway but with a deeper gray and more black speckle!

Black with green and purple splash.

Silver/Pink acid wash with a thick, bright orange splash



Mine would probably be purple/clear acid wash with a baby blue splash!

Black with Grey Splash one half Black with Gold Splash other half.

Call it Sinners and Saints

i would just love to see a purple/blue colorway. i wouldn’t care what yoyo it was on. i’d buy it definitely ;D

Blue/Silver Acid Wash with Yellow Speckle
I would love that color.

Neon green with Neon orange splash and Carolina Blue Speckle. The name of the color way would be-The Highlighter!


Me too!  ;D

Mine was suppose to be Black base with Green and purple splash.

Unfortunately no one will be able to see it now.