Favorite Colorway?


Ash berry


Purple caps, yellow body




Deep Space


Supercharged(Deadly Spins)


Straight up solid gold ;D



(Owen) #8

Solid gold, solid pink, solid white, PC white, solid neon yellow, and the Joe X Ann colorways. I am very fond of bright colored yoyos.



(2Sick Joey) #10

Some of my personal favorites:

Supercharged: Being my signature colorway how could I not love this! Out of the three yoyos that have this colorway (Pride, Gambit and KING) I would have to say the one that came out on the KING is by far my favorite. The pride has a much lighter shade of light blue in the acid wash but still very nice.

2013 Worlds Diamondback: This is such a good looking yoyo. The shade of green is amazing and the acid wash gives a very nice green when spinning. Not to mention the 24k gold rims that tie it all together and give it this luxurious look.

Blue/Gold Hitman (X): Such a classic colorway that just makes me smile. This color combination is among my favorite of all time and looks so simple yet classy. It inspired my Custom PC Freq. Wave.

LE Speckle Wrath: A rare colorway that I consider my holy grail. The colors are just great and spinning it looks amazing. Not to mention its on one of my all time favorite yoyos.

Purple Yeti: The way this purple and aqua hub contrast with each other just looks amazing. Its a simple colorway but looks great to me. I just had to get this color and not too mention its nice and smooth!

Bape: Yes this is the EPITOME of an amazing colorway that is so simple but just cant help but look amazing. It only works in the proper sky blue and light green like the original Bape. Any other half/half are not bape unless its those specific shades. I adore this colorway.

Sorry for the horrible pic! Its dark out and no good lighting. I’ll upload a better one tomorrow!


Snozzberry and all similar variants.

(H.J.Fras) #12

Aman (on general yo’s klr)


YoyoExpert. 'nough said.

YYELogo by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

YYEHeart by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Huh, Didn’t see that coming. :wink:

Mine would be the Blue Wave edition Colorways of Spin Dynamics and all the colors in this tower


The black with silver rims on the Next Level and Draupnir. So classy.


Dang, look at that Triton!


TotalArtist deserves an award for photography. Seriously.


no kidding total artist


Not sure the correct color name so if anyone knows please enlighten me but I would have to say mine is the burnt orange color on my onedrop burnside.