Your self-designed yoyo

Hey guys. If you could make your own yoyo, what would you name it? which company would produce it? which shape would it have, colorways, bearing, response etc? :smiley:
Be creative =D

id name it:ferocious

OD would make it

H shape

blue and red splash

C sized


There was a “signature yoyo” thread, which was really close to this, but it has been inactive for a while.

My yoyo would be called the Theory. It’d be a SPYY. I’ve just had a thing for SPYY for as long as I’ve been yoyoing. I used the name “Theory” in a piece of flash fiction for Doug Brown’s writing contest on YYN, so that’s kinda special for me.

Imagine a classic round butterfly shape, but as it reaches a flat rim it continues the radius back towards the axis. The catch zone would be reminiscent of a Pyro, with a very choked catch point and gap. Very bubbly and strange. Needs the spike; none of SPYY’s “no spike” bologna they’ve been doing recently.

Prolly 53mm diameter, 42mm wide, 69-72 grams, 3.5mm gap, D bearing. Raw raw raw. No beadblast.

This would be more for fun than function I guess. Radiyo made by Duncan. A nice solid plastic butterfly shape, with speakers instead of caps and a way to play music inside. Don’t ask me how it would work, I just know it would be a combination to two awesome things.

matte black, pink engravings
maybe a gold plated limited ed too
assorted counter weight and specific string type/color
49mm diameter
probably less than 60g of weight
butterfly/rounded shape
fairly wide gap, fairly wide throw (no numbers in mind, but probably very “square” throw dimensions wise)
most likely hspin size bearing

name: new soul
company: I don’t know

spy beast
butterfly rounded
undersized with a wide gap like the spyy supra
special bearing that will never stop spinning so it will have the longest spin and coast 100 dollars

That’s an awesome idea man!

Name: Penguin
Company: CLYW
Shape: rounded v
Bearing size: C
Response: silicone

name star faktor
body sfx body but with protostar shape including the weight rings just like the sfx itd be epic :slight_smile:
65.3 grams same diameter as sfx and protostar and produced by yoyojam


Shape of a yuuksta
More rim weight then yuuksta
Red, white and yellow ano job


Now that I would buy!

All sound amazing especially the one that never stops spinning interesting.

That’s gonna be my sig when I get sponsored by them! So you will get the chance!