Your pics for NYYC '10?

So, how 'bout it? Who you think will win each division?

My pics:

1a: Tyler Rose(great up and coming player, if not 1st, I’ve no doubt he’ll place top 10)
2a: Patrick Mitchell(need I say more? one of the best the us has to offer)
3a: Hank Freeman(I think the time has come for his first national title)
4a: Bryan Figeroa(Like Pat, there just isn’t much competion for a guy like this)
5a: Sterling Quinn(most technical player in the style, even above jonrob. It’s sterls turn for 1st place!)

1A: Anthony Rojas/Eric Koloski (I don’t know I think they both have a good chance to place very well.)
2A: Pat Mitchell (He’s just awesome.)
3A: Hank Freeman (Jump, your right, it is his time to win a title.)
4A: Bryan Figueroa (Just amazing.)
5A: Miguel Correa (I think it’s gonna be close between him and Sterling.)

You mean picks… lol.
1a. I want Rojas to win, but I think Paul might finally have a good chance.
5a. I want Sterling to win. His style is so innovative. If he gets more performance points, he’ll win for sure.